Crystals and pearls

We can do whatever we want. Luxurious and precious crystals and pearls for   T-shirts available in desired motives with affordable price!

WOW effect

Prestigious 3D details transform dull T-shirt into wow piece of clothing! Something you will gladly put on for fancy dinners, parties and events...

Crystals in combination with other printing techniques

Crystals and pearls perfectly complement different kind of t-shirt transfers. Classical T-shirt transfers fill plane dimension while crystals add third dimension. With shining, brilliant effect finishing touch in perfected. They are also beautiful in combination with flex and flock foil which add special effect to T-shirt by them self.

Advantage of pearls and crystals:

  • Fast production

  • Wide range of motives

  • Possibility of combination with T-shirt transfers, flex and flock foils

  • Possibility of different kind of pearls/crystals and/or their colors in one transfer

  • Elegant look

  • Best quality

  • Firm grip

  • Suitable for extendible fabrics

  • Popular among youngsters

  • Affordable

  • They can be made in smaller quantities too (from 10 pcs on)


Different shapes, colors and sizes of crystals and pearls

One can choose between various colors on stock, different shapes and sizes. Another advantage of crystals and pearls transfers is durability – transfers can be stored for several years without being printed on fabric. Therefore one can buy bigger quantity which results in lower price and uses only several transfers at a time. All other transfers can be stored for the time you'll need them.

Transferring: 160- 185 °C, 15 – 20 sec, cold detaching 
Washing: 40 °C