T-shirts and promotion material

Promotional T-shirts in Studio A. Since you're here on purpuse we will offer you T-shirts and promotion material with wide range of colors and models.


Good quality brand T-shirts

We can offer you T-shirts of good quality with recognizable brands such as – Jerzees, Sol's, Fruit of the Loom, Slazenger and Hanes.

Umbrellas, hats, caps and other promotion materials

Beside T-shirts in various colors, weight and models we can also offer you different umbrellas, caps, hats, polo T-shirts, shirts, flis made cloths, soft shell jackets...

Relax, we take care of everything

T-shirt printing is demanding process. For that reason we can take care of this procedure from beginning to the end. We can suggest the best T-shirt for your motive and also supply them but you can also just buy T-shirts from us and print them by yourself or you can bring your own materials to be printed on. 

We can aid you in making the whole promotion capain. We'll take care of design, print T-shirts, caps, anoraks, soft shell jackets...

Later on you come to pick up your goods and they are already ready to be given to promotors, (potential) customers,...